Celebrating Charles Correa

Charles Correa (1930-2015) is arguably the most influential Indian architect to have worked after Independence. In a prolific career spanning six decades, Charles Correa defined the paradigms of modernity for India through his architecture, urban design, planning and writing.

‘CELEBRATING CHARLES CORREA’ is an initiative by the Charles Correa Foundation to commemorate his contribution through a series of curated screenings, lectures and panel discussions on key concerns of his life’s work, thus bringing in to focus his legacy. These events were planned in conjunction with the ‘State of Architecture’ exhibition at the NGMA [January 6 – March 20, 2016].

Within four broad themes: ‘Buildings as Ideas’, ‘Cultural Projects’, ‘Housing’ and ‘Urbanisation’ the deliberations aim to chronicle the contribution of his work and thought towards the domain of architecture and the state of profession in India.

The event took place on 15th, 16th, 17th and 19th Jaunary 2016 at the NGMA.



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