Traditional Occupations of Goa

A lecture by Pantaleão Fernandes on “Traditional Occupations of Goa” was held on the Friday 21st August 2015 at the Charles Correa Foundation Studio at 5:00 p.m.

About the Session:

This presentation was an overview of the people engaged in the traditional yet dying occupations of Goa whom he interviewed in course of his village sojourns. The portraits of these people are the subject of his new coffee table book entitled “Traditional Occupations of Goa”.
It is yet another beautiful witness of the ingenuity of the people of Goa, which, however is sadly on verge of extinction. His sincere effort to capture the rural essence of Goa is a window to the vanishing cultural roots and livelihoods. It has the potential to be linked to state planning for preservation of traditional livelihoods and create a niche market for global interest in traditional products from rural artisans.

About the Lecturer:

Mr.Pantaleao Fernandes is a Goa-based writer, photographer and ethnographer. After working in the construction industry for eighteen years, he finally found his true calling: photography and writing. After photographing for a book on church facades, he picked up documentation through photographs and literature. In 2007, his book, “100 Goan Experiences”, was released, which sought to take the Goans into deep nooks and crevices of the Goan hinterlands.




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