Lane Redevelopment: Mala and Fontainhas

The heritage neighborhoods in Panaji though they have significant heritage structures of Grade 2 and Grade 3 categories the infrastructure is still poorly maintained and the streets are in shabby condition. To serve as a guideline for the overall development of these heritage areas three streets from Fontainhas and Mala were selected and designed as a model that addresses all issues faced in this context. Some of the key issues addressed in the design intervention for these prototypes were service re-organization, preserving the appearance of the place by using the traditional color palette, window and door details, roof details in all renovations and getting community involvement in the design process. As part of this project, the existing land use plan, as well as the service plans, were documented and suggestions were made for its improvement.


Mala Lane Proposed


Lane Fontainhas: Pavement Design


Mala Lane Proposed


Steps leading up to Altinho from Mala


Steps leading up to Altinho from Mala


Fontainhas Street Proposed


Lane Fontainhas: Layout of the Services

The proposal takes into account well-landscaped pedestrian spaces, better lighting systems, paving details and façade renovations that respect the aesthetics. Also proposed, are better services like common channels for telecom and electrical cabling, energy efficient wall mounted street lighting systems, well-channeled rainwater drainage for water harvesting, re-organized inspection chambers, public toilets, organized parking, etc.

Project Leader: Ar. Arminio Ribeiro
Present Team:, Sudharsha Preethi, Nikita Jaiswal, Keni Koradiya
Past Team: Charanya K.L, Maria Pilar Gutierrez, Vignesh Prasad C, Gavin Reis, Nathaniel Dmello, Rugved Rane

Lane Redevelopment: Fontainhas and Mala Report



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