The Z-Axis

The Z-Axis 2015  –  Conference on Architecture and the City was held on 20th, 21st and 22nd March  at Kala Academy Goa.

Curated by the Charles Correa Foundation, Z-Axis 2015 was a three-day international conference that brought in 17 speakers from around the world to talk, discuss and debate on the topic ‘Great City . . . Terrible Place’.

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The Z-Axis is an annual conference that aims to instigate a relevant discussion on issues that relate to architecture and urbanization in the context of India.

It is a multi-platform event that intends to connect the fraternity of thinker-doers in the domains of architecture, urban design, planning, social projects and conservation to an audience of influencers, professionals and students of architecture, planning and design thus creating a consequential community of intellectuals who will invariably influence the future.


When  – 20, 21, 22 March 2015
Where – Kala Academy, Goa
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