Rationalise Signage in Panaji

Signs exist to communicate information. But beyond fulfilling its functional requirements, they form an essential component of the built and natural environment and play an important role in the image making of the city.
Attributed to its cultural richness and natural beauty, the city of Panaji witnesses a heavy inflow of floating tourist population almost all throughout the year. Thus it becomes highly desirable for the city to have an appropriate signage system which would enable not only the visitors but also the residents to navigate through its environs with ease and also form a sense of unity and character throughout the city.
The intent of the project is to rationalize, clarify and redesign the Signage System in Panaji for greater comprehension and readability.

Project Leader: Ar. Ruturaj Parikh
Project Team: Ankit Kumar, Ashlon Lionel Frank, Arthur Tremblot, Bhavana Hameed, Ferdinand Covin, Julien Douillet Ensav, Nitesh Kumar, Pradeep Singh, 

 Rationalize Signage for Panaji – Brief

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