Panaji Visitors’ Map

A detailed map of the Panaji City Centre of the scale 1:3500 has been painstakingly drawn to include every narrow winding alley, cul-de-sac and structure that makes Panaji the beautiful city it is. It features five recommended heritage-walks to take and more than fifty recommended places to eat, rest and shop in. The Map also includes a 1:20000 scale Key Map of the entire Panaji City locating all major landmarks and roads.

Copies of the Panaji Visitors’ Map as compiled recently by the Charles Correa Foundation are available at selected retails in the city.

Project Leader: Bhavana Hameed
Project Team: Rhea D’Souza, Maria Pilar G


One response to “Panaji Visitors’ Map

  1. The books published by foundation and other books on Charles Correa which are available for sale. Please givev me the price


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