DWELL 2014


An initiative of the Charles Correa Foundation, ‘DWELL’ is a workshop for Architects, Designers and Students of Architecture and Design to instigate thought on mitigating increasing urban densities especially in the context of housing. The workshop intends to introduce the many perspectives, forces and pull-push factors that influence life in a city.
The workshop also aims to zoom in and zoom out to micro and macro issues of living and housing in super-dense urban conditions. The dialogue is intended to revolve around design of a dwelling, its many contexts and the fundamental amenities that are critical to the success of a vibrant housing layer in any city. DWELL will also provoke thought on both ends of a spectrum: on one end, it will discuss issues of privacy, gender, use, comfort and delight – the basics of a dwelling unit while on the other, it will locate all ideas within a specific typology and context.
India does not have one urban focus – we have a web of Metros, Tier 1 Cities, Tier 2 Urban Centers, Suburban Centers, Towns and Villages. If by 2050, 75% of the world’s population is to live in cities, cities need to be planned for this 75%. This thought forms the basis of the workshop.6 teams will ideate on designing a unit in 6 urban centres of varying scales,capacities, character and climate. This will open the discussion to a spectrum – from a need for densification to a limit on saturation.

DWELL 2014 Prospectus and Application Form



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