Presentation on Bamboo Workshop in Nagaland

In an attempt to explore and learn more about bamboo as a building material, architects Hyacinth Pinto, Noah Fernandes, Rhea D’souza and Sajiya Katvelia travelled to Nagaland on a bamboo trail.Ar.Richard Belho, who is a native of Nagaland and an expert on bamboo,guided them through the workshop.The presentation focuses on bamboo as a building material and dwells on the experiences of the group working hands on with the material during the course of the workshop.

Ar. Hyacinth Pinto is the principal architect at “Terra Firma” and has worked extensively with bamboo and rammed earth in many of her projects.Noah,Sajiya and Rhea are young architects who have graduated from Goa college of architecture

Saturday, July 12, 2014 – 16:00
Charles Correa Foundation
140703_Bamboo_Poster_PF - Copy 2_1

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