Waste Management Report – Panaji

The Corporation of City of Panaji (CCP) has initiated an extensive waste segregation and management program which involves four-way waste segregation for commercial establishments, as well as residential units. Apart from this, bio medical waste and wet waste was collected separately. It therefore became necessary to document the waste management activities.

The documentation report features the two-way and four way segregation methods and the waste collection systems and routes in the form of lists and maps outlining collection of dry wastes and wet wastes in different zones. It also features the locations of all composting stations, bin shelters, sorting centres and black spots in the city, with a brief on their operation methods as well. This documentation is intended to provide a reference for Panaji and a guideline to waste management to other cities.

Project Leader: Vignesh Prasad C., Bhavana Hameed
Project Team: Anandit Sachdev, Charanya K.L., Maria Pilar G.

Waste Management Report – Panaji

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