Decongestion Model – Panaji

Traffic congestion is usually addressed by increasing road capacity – which only attracts more cars leading to more traffic jams. In contrast, this Decongestion Model prioritizes on giving people more space and attempts to make the city centre more accessible, safe and vibrant.

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The key parameters addressed are:

  • Rationalizing traffic patterns and bettering public transport.
  • Introducing parking lots both within the city core and at the outskirts.
  • Creating more pedestrian environments.

Project Leader: Ar. Arminio Ribiero
Project Guide : Jivan Mittu
Project Team: Saloni Gajjar, Kanika Jamdar, Charanya K.L, Maria Pilar Gutierrez, Vignesh Prasad C 

Collaborations: Jivan Mittu, Aamchi Panaji

Decongestion Model – Panaji Report


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