Road-map for Efficient Mobility – Goa

Lack of an efficient network of Public Transportation System in Goa has led to increasingly clogged roads with an alarming increase in the number of private vehicles – almost 650 motor vehicles per 1000 people! With the proposed re-alignment of highways, it is vital we factor in additional infra-structure for alternative mobility systems within Goa.

This proposal details out intra-city bus loops within the cities of Mapusa and Panaji, and inter-city Bus Rapid Transit System between the two cities and other urban centres in Goa. Also detailed is a proposed road section to be implemented on the newer roads with separate lanes for pedestrians, cyclists, cars and buses, and with bus stations at regular intervals.

Project Leader: Rahul Deshpande
Project Team: Jivan Mittu, Anandit Sachdev, Golda Pereira, Rhea D’Souza, Rochelle Santimano, Vignesh Prasad C


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