Organisation structure

Foundation is managed by

A Board of Trustees whose current members are:
i)    Charles Mark Correa, Architect and Planner
ii)   Shrinivas Vasudeva Dempo, Chairman, Dempo Group
iii)  Ramabadran Gopalakrishnan, Director, Tata Sons
iv)  Christopher A. Heredia, Executive Director,(Retd) Ceat Ltd
v)    Nasser-eddin Mukhtar Munjee, Chairman, DCB Bank
vi)   Dr. Oscar F. Rebello, Consultant Physician

Under the supervision of the Board of Trustees, an Executive Committee monitors and advises on the programs and projects of the Foundation.

The Executive Committee members currently are the following architects and engineers:
i)    Arminio Ribeiro
ii)   Amit Sukhtanker
iii)  Pankaj Joshi
iv)  Rahul Deshpande
v)   Rahul Mehrotra
vi)  Ruturaj Parikh (Director)



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